Are You Info Dumping?

Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you like the book cover we released yesterday, and are enjoying the first chapter. For those of you who have not done so, please subscribe and enjoy. Welcome to the Necromancer’s Pride community.

Yesterday, a good friend asked us about the beginning of our process in creating this world. She wanted to know what we focused on at the start, and where we are now.

Though our focus remains solidly affixed on the marketing of the novel for the release, we are also now exploring the myriad options of story lines and character development. The beautiful thing about the fantasy genre for us is that we can allow our imagination to be expressed unhindered in the world building process. We love creating worlds, but more to the point, we love creating worlds that make sense. In the beginning, it must be about world building.

If a reader cannot find function and logic in the world that has been built, that reader will quickly jettison from the story and move onto another. Before we talk about character creation and plot, D.W. and I have always needed to be clear on what kind of a world it is that we want to inhabit. How much information is too much information? That is a question you should ask yourself as you create your world.


As I said earlier, we love to let our imaginations run free. That is definitely step one in the process. After that, though, we must ask ‘how much is too much,’ lest we run into that dreaded enemy, the info dump. Simply put, an info dump just drops tons of information into the reader’s lap. Now, the information is probably very important in the mind of the author (I always think everyone needs to know everything I do), but does it serve the purpose of moving the story forward? Does it bog the reader with facts that can be revealed in other ways? For instance, let the reader learn about the world as the characters do. Allowing the characters to find their place in the world you create will allow the reader to do the same.

In the world of Tarune, there are many places and abilities unique to it that do not exist on our Earth. As opposed to explaining them in exposition, we have found that it is a far more enjoyable ride to allow the characters to do it through action and interaction.

Whether you are in the world building stage of your work, or are about to start on a new project, let that journey begin now. Create your world, then let your characters play in it.

What tips for world building do you have to share? What would you like to see in your Fantasy World or in ours?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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  1. nancy says:

    I would love to see a world where the all people have the advantage of proper healthcare, education and of course Food! You’re rewarded for kindness and love and that makes headlines on the news 🙂

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