Caiya’s Blog: A Tarune Vacation

Hey guys!

This weekend, there will be a live event at a carnival in Encino, California, at a school called Our Lady of Grace! I’m so excited, and it’s extremely fun, like a little vacation.

Speaking of vacation…

In Tarune, there is a lot of impressive fighting, epic adventures, and mysterious circumstances, but there is an escape from the harsh realities of a nobleman’s life: The Hollowed Hill.

It sounds scary, but it’s actually fantastic! The HH is a beach inside a mountain (they named a hill so it sounded cooler) and has its own moon, sun, beach, and resort! It is a fantastic place full of magic, wonder, and relaxation from one’s daily Tarunian deeds.

Truly, I’d go here if Tarune was real, and I’d totally go here for vacation! If only they’d hire, because working in paradise is more fun than working scooping up enchanted horse poo.

Stay posted!


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