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AMAZING! Who’s reading Necromancers’ Pride?

There are many different worlds out there, many different universes to encounter and explore. Some are far, far away. Others are closer, right at your fingertips. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, magic and adventure merge to create a realm of wonder and enchantment, mystery and imagination, heroism and villainy. We have created a world for […]

Caiya’s Blog: A Tarune Vacation

Hey guys! This weekend, there will be a live event at a carnival in Encino, California, at a school called Our Lady of Grace! I’m so excited, and it’s extremely fun, like a little vacation. Speaking of vacation… In Tarune, there is a lot of impressive fighting, epic adventures, and mysterious circumstances, but there is […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Grimborn

Spells: Grimborn Strand: Necromancer  School: Soul Primary component minerals: A willing Soul, the rest are unknown Application: Death and destruction Grimward. There is no legend that elicits more pure dread and fear in all of the Known Kingdoms, indeed, in all of Tarune, than that of the dark creatures known as Grimward. Little is known of the horrid […]

Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part II)

The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part 2) Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Are you ready to delve deeper into the mystery? Good, because today we have a lot to cover. When we last left off, we were introduced to the main problem: the murderer killed Mr. Fyre, was subsequently killed and the corpse vanished. Today we […]