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Chance encounters

One never knows what form happenstance might take. One rarely, if ever, can foresee the random interplay of chance in one’s life. One seldom gets away with calling oneself “one” for very long. I guess that’s just the pedantic writer in me. Aside from my “oneness,” I talk about chance because I just had a […]

Tidbits Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all! Some days, I will have plenty of time to wax poetic about varied and multiple topics. I will peruse the various mitigating factors that influence the world of fantasy, expounding upon the intricate minutia involved in creating a fully realized world…or at least my take thereon. I will delineate between the differences […]

How full is your empty glass?

I was talking to my son the other day. He said he wasn’t looking forward to Monday. Of course, I had to ask him why. He said that he didn’t want to go back to school from the long Thanksgiving vacation. Now, I had a feeling that this was the reason. Since, well, I’m human […]

Attracting Positive Energy

Whew! Well, yesterday was an adventure. By adventure, I mean a dusty, bleach laden bonfire of the vanities, but, you’ve got to make it fun. Mundane can make you insane, so best to enjoy the process. Now that I’ve got the clutter clear, I want to give the house an energy make-over. Here are a […]