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Tidbits Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all! Some days, I will have plenty of time to wax poetic about varied and multiple topics. I will peruse the various mitigating factors that influence the world of fantasy, expounding upon the intricate minutia involved in creating a fully realized world…or at least my take thereon. I will delineate between the differences […]


BLUE or RED. DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN. INDEPENDENT or OTHER. Whatever definition or label you wish to affix to yourself, today is the day to exercise that greatest of Constitutional rights!. It is no tired cliche that men and women bled, fought and died for this right. So, let us honor them, let us honor ourselves, […]

BIG change is coming!

Hi. Do you remember last week when I made mention of big things on the horizon? Well, that foreshadowing was nothing to the possibilities that have most recently begun to weave themselves into reality. Change, as we all know, is the one guaranteed constant in our perception of the universe. As beings, we grow, we […]

How do we make ourselves better?

Happy Friday, everyone. Life comes at you in the most interesting and, often, unexpected of ways. As a warrior of some noble and exotic class,¬†you expect to be tested on the battlefield. As a magic-user, it is the enchantment of gaining mastery over some arcane spell that tantalizes the mind. Rouges carouse with street toughs […]

Wisdom from a Wizard

Today is normally the day that I bring you a vlog of one sort or another. Well, that plan has been temporarily interrupted due to some medical issues. Not to worry, I will be up and kicking soon. In the meantime, the show, as they say, must go on. Who are they, by the way? […]