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The Gravity Chamber

Blog – The Gravity Chamber Hello Everyone! Welcome BACK!   Today another quick blog! Today is The Gravity Chamber. Disclaimer: As always, this is just my take on the history of the world of Tarune. During the ancient era of Tarune, many of the earliest settlers were experimenting with the universe and energies around them, […]

The Widow Watcher (Part II)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 2   Holla everyone and welcometh backeth!   Today is the conclusion of The Widow Watcher. Let’s go! We last left off where Natalia discovered the name of the gang that which killed Jaimes. She wanted to ensure that the murderous and barbaric clan would eternally pay for their […]

Wisdom from a Wizard

Today is normally the day that I bring you a vlog of one sort or another. Well, that plan has been temporarily interrupted due to some medical issues. Not to worry, I will be up and kicking soon. In the meantime, the show, as they say, must go on. Who are they, by the way? […]

The Widow Watcher (Part I)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 1 Hello Everyone! WELCOME BACK! DISCLAIMER: As with all of my written content, they are fictional tales and are not included into the lore of Necromancers’ Pride. Today and next week, a story about a woman seeking a darker form of revenge. In the capital of Duntheir in the […]

The Road of Life

As Easter approaches, I find myself reminiscing on the journey that has led me here. Life’s path takes many interesting and unexpected turns. Our travails are varied and wondrous experiences that – and here is the irony – we really don’t truly appreciate until well after we have them. Now, blessed be the person who can […]