The Road of Life

As Easter approaches, I find myself reminiscing on the journey that has led me here. Life’s path takes many interesting and unexpected turns. Our travails are varied and wondrous experiences that – and here is the irony – we really don’t truly appreciate until well after we have them. Now, blessed be the person who can truly embrace the moment, good or bad, and live in it completely, for that person will be truly fulfilled. Don’t worry, that is the closest to a theological tone that I will adopt.

I have the best family for whom a man could wish. I have a writing partner in D.W. who is brilliant, driven, talented and honest. I have friends that are true and real. All these amazing beings have factored into where I currently find myself on this revolution around the sun. I would not trade any of them or the experiences they have provided me for any amount of gold, wealth or riches. They are the reason Necromancers’ Pride exists.

I say again: They are the reason Necromancers’ Pride exists.

As I move forward, I embrace those relationships and cultivate the strength they provide me. It is said that writing is a lonely process. Time spent alone with your thoughts, building your new world, can be an isolated endeavor, to say the least. However, those relationships and connections are always there to strengthen me. I guess some doors we are just meant to go through alone…but that doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Who are the people in your lives that have been the most influential in your journey?

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