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The Road of Life

As Easter approaches, I find myself reminiscing on the journey that has led me here. Life’s path takes many interesting and unexpected turns. Our travails are varied and wondrous experiences that – and here is the irony – we really don’t truly appreciate until well after we have them. Now, blessed be the person who can […]

Fan Art Favorites: Dolthaia

Hey guys! So, today I’m writing about Dolthaia. I’ve written about her before, but essentially I’m going to state why she’s the most awesome character ever. She deals with Crispin, has an amazingly determined attitude, and a rockin’ haircut. She’s gone through a lot, mostly alone, and learned to survive and help herself…unlike Crispin. But, […]

3 MUST have TIPs to give your story sizzle.

What does it take to make a story great? No, not just great…unforgettable. Well, you will find out here. There are many ways to involve readers in your story, but if you do not have this one element, the story will fall as flat as a pancake. Now, as yummy as we all may know pancakes […]


Greetings and salutations, fellow Priders! OK, this is one of my favorite pictures. Why? It pulls back the veil a bit behind what we are doing and allows you a glimpse into our workings. I know what you are thinking: that’s not some dusty, dark and cluttered writing space where piles of loose papers are […]

Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune Finale – Inferis Cubiculum

HELLO EVERYONE! HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is the last wonder of Tarune! Without further ado, lets begin! DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional interpretation of the fantasy world known as Tarune. This tale does not actually exist in the fabric of Tarune’s lore, but I think it would be a great addition. Last week you were introduced to […]