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A Caravan of Fun!

Blog – The R’Engen Caravan Hello Everyone! Today; a shorter blog about a caravan that spreads joy and entertainment through the Known Kingdoms. The R’Engen Caravan is from The Talustrian Isles. Once a year, they tour Tarune and perform fantastic acrobatics and mystical magical shows for all to see. Nobles, framers, beggars, and all are […]

Music to make FANTASY come alive! (Part II)

Hello Everyone! Happy Monday…on a MONDAY!! Today is the second installment of the Music series! Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I do not own these songs as they are the rightful property of their owners and are being used for entertainment purposes only. What do you think of the songs, fantasy and adventure? This is your community. Share with […]

Ambition Thursday: LIVE EVENT – Carnival Encino at Our Lady of Grace

Thursday is my day to motivate, Priders. With words, images and messages, I want to inspire. Well, now I am inspired to tell you we have a LIVE EVENT coming up this weekend! So, before I give you the stats of the event, I want to give you some words of motivation from one of my […]

Magazine Monday (Sophia – model)

Well, yes, we know it is Tuesday, but, why conform and be like everyone else? Presenting for your visual enjoyment: Magazine Monday. On the cover is the lovely and talented Sophia. She is sporting our cardinal badge t-shirt and our top selling Viper’s Legion Series black snapback. Our Pridewear is definitely in full effect, and Sophia […]

Preview: Magazine Mondays

Whew! The launch has been a success and we are off and running. We have many miles ahead of us, but this journey is one we are excited to be taking. Now, I know what you are thinking, “This is Tuesday.” Well…you’d be right in that assessment. It is Tuesday, but starting next week, we […]