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The many faces of Necromancers’ Pride!

You’ve seen them all before, modeling our lines of Pridewear gear with…well, pride! Aragorn, wearing our Viper’s Legion Lettering Snapback Cap has a smile that melts hearts and turns heads. You can see him all over our website, but he will be making his debut in the world of Tarune in the future. Intrigued? Well, […]

What do you get when you put the Oracle Line and lovely ladies together?

You get the magic that is Necromancers’ Pride, that’s what! White is the color of the season. It calls to mind the freshness of a cold morning, the crisp bite to the air as snowflakes gently fall and blanket the landscape with a soft radiance. It is the poetry of the winter months. No more […]

Facebook Face-off: DAY 2!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…this bout is scheduled for one fall, and is sanctioned by the Tarunian Athletic Commission. This contest is sponsored by Necromancers’ Pride Apparel…where fantasy and fashion meet! Fighting out of the blue corner, with the cascading, coffee-colored curls and wearing the turquoise Symbol snapback, she stands 5’7″…the dynamic dramatist, the […]

Did you see who had FUN at the Carnival?

Our live event was absolutely fantastic! Or, as D.W. would say, it was off the chains! I really need to work with him on his vernacular, but in this instance, he is 100% correct! This weekend was OFF THE CHAINS! Well said, D.W. Well said, indeed. I am so proud to tell you that we […]

Magazine Monday (Sophia – model)

Well, yes, we know it is Tuesday, but, why conform and be like everyone else? Presenting for your visual enjoyment:┬áMagazine Monday. On the cover is the lovely and talented Sophia. She is sporting our cardinal badge t-shirt and our top selling Viper’s Legion Series black snapback. Our Pridewear is definitely in full effect, and Sophia […]