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How do you strike like a Viper?

You have to be fierce. You have to be strong. To strike like a Viper, you have to make a statement. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, the Viper’s Legions strike with deadly accuracy and savage precision. In this world, the Vipers strike with a sleek style and dynamic presentation. When you cloak yourself in […]

How would you rock it?

How, indeed? Would you rock your Pridewear in the forest? Maybe on a hike. Think about it, on the trails, breathing in that fresh mountain air, the sun shining down on your path. What better way to keep those golden rays from burning you to a crisp than with one of our Symbol or Lettering […]

Facebook Face-off: DAY 2!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…this bout is scheduled for one fall, and is sanctioned by the Tarunian Athletic Commission. This contest is sponsored by Necromancers’ Pride Apparel…where fantasy and fashion meet! Fighting out of the blue corner, with the cascading, coffee-colored curls and wearing the turquoise Symbol snapback, she stands 5’7″…the dynamic dramatist, the […]

Magic is much more than just magic.

Good morning, Priders! I hope today finds you well. I was asked the other day why it was that D.W. and I chose to create the system of magic that we had. The person, a close friend and admittedly not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, was intrigued when we explained to him the […]