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How do you strike like a Viper?

You have to be fierce. You have to be strong. To strike like a Viper, you have to make a statement. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, the Viper’s Legions strike with deadly accuracy and savage precision. In this world, the Vipers strike with a sleek style and dynamic presentation. When you cloak yourself in […]

Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part VII)

In Necromancers’ Pride there are some great characters. Some are beautiful, some are strong, some are wicked, but all of them are interesting. This week, I want to talk about a character that would definitely have a very distinctive style in our world. She is not only a warrior (which I think I could totally do), […]

9/11: In Remembrance and Honor.

We have preempted Jason’s amazing blog today to take a moment to honor the memory of those who have fallen. Don’t worry, he’ll be back better than ever next week with the conclusion of the Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune series. Even though we deal in fantasy, it is important to acknowledge the reality of the […]