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Attributes of a strong KNIGHT.

What makes a good knight? Moreover, what separates a good knight from a great one. Logan and I were having a discussion about the importance of different qualities in people, and as in most things, the conversation merged reality with pretend and fantasy. Hey, he’s 8, whatever is needed to keep up interest, right? Well, […]

The Devious Gascon

Who are some of your favorite characters in the world of Necromancers’ Pride? Here is one of mine. He is a lot of fun to write. As with all the characters, he is always changing, developing and growing. I cannot wait to see where he leads us next. What did you think? This is your […]

Top 3 Favorite Fantasy Characters

Here they are, my TOP 3 fantasy characters. There were hundreds to choose from, but I was moved by the characters that moved me the most. And hey, we don’t have the hours and hours it would take for me to give you a full list, but here is a good jumping off point. Each […]

Fan Art Favorites: Dolthaia

Hey guys! So, today I’m writing about Dolthaia. I’ve written about her before, but essentially I’m going to state why she’s the most awesome character ever. She deals with Crispin, has an amazingly determined attitude, and a rockin’ haircut. She’s gone through a lot, mostly alone, and learned to survive and help herself…unlike Crispin. But, […]

Fan Art and What-ifs?

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna talk about Corwyn. Ah, Corwyn. Is he the main character, or is Velladriana? Or maybe is it one of the villains? Or maybe, it is one no one suspects…. Here is my artistic rendition of Corwyn: Away from the speculations, let’s talk about Corwyn! He is a kind-hearted warrior who, […]