Fan Art and What-ifs?

Hey guys!

Today we’re gonna talk about Corwyn. Ah, Corwyn. Is he the main character, or is Velladriana? Or maybe is it one of the villains? Or maybe, it is one no one suspects….

Here is my artistic rendition of Corwyn:
image1 (18)

Away from the speculations, let’s talk about Corwyn! He is a kind-hearted warrior who, like the back of the book says, is sworn to protect Velladriana in his quest to take her to safety before the Necromancers get to her.

It’s a brilliant plot, and if I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be blogging about it.

But… what if Corwyn didn’t save Velladriana? What if he didn’t hear her, or didn’t feel her with his Heart’s Eye? What if he did find her, but he wasn’t an Oslyn and couldn’t fight? What if instead he was a Necromancer? So many what ifs, but it seems like fate had brought this quest upon them.

So much to ponder as well. What if the great Fate-Maker just wanted to see a show?

Read Necromancers’ Pride and keep wondering, “What if…?”

That’s it for now guys!

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