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Fan Art and What-ifs?

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna talk about Corwyn. Ah, Corwyn. Is he the main character, or is Velladriana? Or maybe is it one of the villains? Or maybe, it is one no one suspects…. Here is my artistic rendition of Corwyn: Away from the speculations, let’s talk about Corwyn! He is a kind-hearted warrior who, […]

Caiya’s Blog: The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn – Part II

Hey guys! So today I decided to continue Kei’s letters, better known as: The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn. Today, Kei attached a fantastic drawing to his note, and he seems to be in a large tree-fort. ******************* Dearest Kanashi and family, Today, I went to find some food for my group, and since […]

Caiya’s Blog: “The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn”

Hey guys! So, today, I made up a quick story about a young man named Kei, an Oslyn from long, long ago, who was out on his testing year (like Corwyn) from the Glass Tower. He wrote weekly letters to his family in Dun Medlin, Canodria, but one day, he stopped. His sister, Kanashi, is a […]

The Known Kingdoms: Therid

Country of Therid Government: Republic Current Ruler: Grand Communal Council Climate: Mild to arid Population: 2.7 Million Therid is the melting pot of all the Kingdoms. With common borders with Canodria, Aldara, Medioc and Daldra, Therid prides itself on having the most liberal and accepting stance of country in the Known Kingdoms. A Republic, Therid elects its leaders, opting […]

Jason’s Blog: Personal Favorites

Favorite Scene: Necromancers’ Pride: Quest for Elderstone   ¡Hola a todos Feliz Viernes! Hello everyone happy Friday! Today I’d like to do something different. Today, and for the next two weeks, I want to talk about my favorite scenes from the three Necromancers’ Pride books. Today, book 1, Quest for Elderstone! Normally when you say […]