Caiya’s Blog: “The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn”

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Hey guys!

So, today, I made up a quick story about a young man named Kei, an Oslyn from long, long ago, who was out on his testing year (like Corwyn) from the Glass Tower.

He wrote weekly letters to his family in Dun Medlin, Canodria, but one day, he stopped.

His sister, Kanashi, is a great scribe of the modern age. She used his letters and accounts from people he encountered to discern his story. It took years, but Kanashi finally pieced together all of the story that she could. She passed the collected writings down the generations, which are now in the keeping of her great, great, great grand-daughter, who still has most of them. She refuses to give Kanashi’s whole story, but she will give copies of parts of it.


Dear family,

This entry will be brief.

Just left the Tower, home to many memories, and I’m on my way to a new life. It’s great already, the air is fresh. It is cold in Therid this time of year, but it is rejuvenating my muscles.

I am amused by that, because what is cold in Therid is rather mild for Canodria. I will be visiting you again soon, my family, for the earthen roads of Canodria call to me.

Another thing, I am alarmed by the increase in bandit activity in the area. Just the other day, I heard that a band of gipsies got robbed by a group called the Hisha. Neither the presence of Therid’s military or the Canodrian Guard seem to deter this specific group of robbers. Even they can’t quell the recent attacks on travelers. I am prepared for a fight of course, a fact that you, my dear sister, know all too well from our youth.

As to when I will see you, I will be accompanying a caravan to Bronell’s Ridge before making my way home. A good sword arm should make the merchant chief happy, and the presence of an Oslyn Cadet should make everyone feel safe. I hope we don’t encounter trouble, but within my heart of hearts, I am rather looking forward to it, if we do. A big, strong and rather handsome man like me can handle it. As you remember, I am still not modest.

Your amazing older brother and son, Kei

Post Statment: I still owe you that hunting lesson, Kanashi. <<>><><><>><<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><

That was sweet! It sounds like Kei is a caring older brother who’s funny, arrogant, and loving to his family. Those are great qualities in a person, if you express them right (unlike Eryk…).

That’s it for now, but keep posted, because this is not the only part.
Stay posted for “The Travels of Kei, the Arrogant Oslyn” (I’m still working on the title).


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