Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Wind Song


Spells: Wind Song

Strand: None 

School: Weavers

Primary component minerals: Wind and the dradar

Application: Communication

The Wind Song is the mystical song sung by Weavers to communicate over thousands of miles across the Known Kingdoms, wherein they tap into the vocal and auditory energy emitted from the planet Tarune and harness it to their communicative needs.

A Wind Song is sung by spinning the ancient tool known as the dradar, or “singing bone” around in a circle over the head of the singing Weaver. The dradar is attached to a long roper, usually some fifteen feet or so, in order to gain the proper velocity. Wind is swept into the instrument, which is shaped similar to a small thigh bone with holes bored through it, and channelled into the wind walls necessary to the creation of the song.

Wind walls are hardened air, which, when caught in the dradar, form a circular partition along the circumference of the spinning instrument. The walls form a virtually impenetrable barrier between the Weaver and the outside world. The walls extend into a wind tunnel when the song is advanced, linking the Weaver to the universal energies of the wind.

The words of the Wind Song are unknown to any outside of the Weaver’s Guild. It is the Weavers most prized secret. In point of fact, only someone gifted with the ability to sing can conjure a Wind Song. The better the quality of voice and talent of the singer, the farther the Wind Song will carry. Extremely skilled Weavers can even manifest visual images in their walls of wind.

This makes talented Weavers highly sought after by both the nobility and the military. Weavers can communicate in minutes what would take months of travel by conventional means. The Wind Song is a truly amazing gift.

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