Jason’s Blog: Energies – Necromancer Chakras

Energies: Necromancer Chakras

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today we take a closer look at the magical points that reside in the top tier Magi, the chakra of the people known as the Necromancers… You may be wondering how a Necromancer’s chakras differ from a person not gifted with the Spark of the Magics? As the soul becomes gives over to the Necromantic magics, the chakra energies shift and mutate into what are called “Neocails” or Dark Chakra.


As you can see from the diagram above, there are seven points of chakra energy. Each point in the body of a Necromancer represents the sources of power.

Top to Bottom:

Chakra Iji: The Connector

This chakra is placed on the outside of the skull for a reason. This represents their fierce connection with the spirit realm. This is the starting point for all of the energies to converge and manifest inside the body to exert magical spell casting.

Chakra Zed: The Control

This is the point in which the Necromancers can control their corporeal being through physical movements. This is one chakra that most Necromancers despise due to their intense connection with the spiritual world.

Chakra Teys: The Voice

The meat of conjuring spells. This chakra extends the voice of the spell caster into the over-world whenever is necessary. Calling for spiritual guidance from the dark energies or manifesting demonic spells, this is the Necromancers’ spectral shout to the universe to create the magical energies.

Chakra Quan: The Desire

The location for this chakra is at the heart of the Necromancers. It intensifies their heart’s desire to vie for extra power to become the most powerful being they can.

Chakra Wikk: The Center

The soul. This is the core of the being as this chakra is responsible for creating the vitality of the Necromancer. Without this crucial chakra, there would be no physical or spiritual form to walk the living and dead worlds.

Chakra Biv: The Filter

This automated systematic chakra channels out the excess energies that radiate through the body. Necromancers and other magic wielders are constantly exposed to other types of magics that can affect the overall performance of the body spiritually. This chakra keeps the magical energies in check.

Chakra Khyr: The Base

The final chakra on the scale, this holds both the physical and metaphysical being to each other. The Base is the strongest chakra because it has to hold the other six powerful energies that reside within each individual so they do not “fall down”.

Long blog today but I hope you had fun learning!

As always everyone, see ya next week!!

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