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What is Flow?

Ever get caught in a rut? You know, that feeling you get when you know you should be moving along yet, sadly, you are mired in the muck of your own uncertainty. You see others moving with what seems like impossible or unattainable ease. You though, just cannot see to free yourself from whatever quagmire […]

Our place in the universe.

What’s up, Priders?! Jason here! Today I wanted to share a short essay as to what I think about the universe. I have recently been studying transcendentalism and this is my interpretation of the overall reflection and impact it has had on my life. Transcendentalism is a very inspiring mentality. It trains our minds and […]

Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune Finale – Inferis Cubiculum

HELLO EVERYONE! HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is the last wonder of Tarune! Without further ado, lets begin! DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional interpretation of the fantasy world known as Tarune. This tale does not actually exist in the fabric of Tarune’s lore, but I think it would be a great addition. Last week you were introduced to […]

Jason’s Blog: Energies – Necromancer Chakras

Energies: Necromancer Chakras Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today we take a closer look at the magical points that reside in the top tier Magi, the chakra of the people known as the Necromancers… You may be wondering how a Necromancer’s chakras differ from a person not gifted with the Spark of the Magics? As the soul […]

Jason’s Blog: Weavers – Wind Messengers

Weavers: Wind Messengers Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! I was pondering what I should write about this week for the blog over the last weekend. The winds were howling ferociously keeping me awake. Then, it hit me… The Weavers! Who are they? Well, The Weavers are the news channels of Tarune. They inform the public about current […]