Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune Finale – Inferis Cubiculum


Today is the last wonder of Tarune! Without further ado, lets begin!

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional interpretation of the fantasy world known as Tarune. This tale does not actually exist in the fabric of Tarune’s lore, but I think it would be a great addition.

Last week you were introduced to The Connector, a physical body that connected Oracles to the Median. Today is the polar opposite. Inferis Cubiculum is an artificial source of energy that runs on souls for the Necromancers to use for their dark and demented rituals. Located under Tarune, Inferis Cubiculum connects the three Crags physically. This wonder is the heart of Necromantic experimentation.

Before the Apocalypse of the Mourning Night, the production rate of the magical chamber was slow and there was no external help to keep the magics flowing. It was dying. The Necromancers had to take action fast. They encouraged the killing of wildlife so that those animal spirits could help fuel Inferis Cubiculum. Though these endeavors did help, it was not enough.

The Mourning Night gave the Necromancers the opportunity to use energy-rich Oracle souls for their rituals. This plan of action worked magnificently. As more Oracles fell in battle, the majority of the souls would be sent to Inferis Cubiculum. The Necromancers gained enough souls to convert into pure dark energy to create the Grimward. When the war was over, the Necromancers had to split the Grimward spawning area between the three Crags to prevent a dark, magical overload that could destroy half of Tarune.

Unless you are a Necromancer, it is virtually impossible to visit the Inferis Cubiculum. The lore of Inferis Cubiculum is taught to younger generations to warn them of the wicked abilities the Necromancers posses.

There you have it! The last wonder of Tarune. I’m sad to see this series go by as fast as it did! I had so much fun with these past eight weeks giving you more depth in the fantasy that is Tarune! I’ll see ya next week with new content.

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