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Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune – The Forgotten Lair/Valley of Souls (Part 2)

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today is the conclusion of the mini-series of The Forgotten Lair/ Valley of Souls. I hope you all enjoy! DISCLAIMER: All content stated in this blog is fictional to add to the fantasy of Necromancers Pride. This is not a part of the actual storyline, but I think it would be great if […]


Height: 5’1″ Weight: 100 lbs. Birthplace: Medlin, Canodria Preferred Weapon: Dagger/Spell Casting Preferred Spell: Illusory Deception Orphaned at a young age, Dolthaia and her sister grew up on the unforgiving streets of the Canodrian capitol city of Medlin. Gifted with a quick wit, a penchant for getting out of trouble (most of which she initiated) and lightning fast reflexes, […]

Jason’s Blog: Weavers – Wind Messengers

Weavers: Wind Messengers Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! I was pondering what I should write about this week for the blog over the last weekend. The winds were howling ferociously keeping me awake. Then, it hit me… The Weavers! Who are they? Well, The Weavers are the news channels of Tarune. They inform the public about current […]

Jason’s Blog: Regarding Oslyn – Indispensable Peacemakers

Oslyn: Indispensable Peacemakers Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! This week I’d like to talk about my favorite category of fighters and diplomats, the courageous Oslyn! Oslyn are mystical fighters who attempt to keep peace in all the Known Kingdoms. They are taught at the mighty Glass Tower where they learn to use a special ability that acts […]