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Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune – The Connector

The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: The Connector Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today a simple, concise blog about a magical wonder: The Connector. DISCLAIMER: Me + Fantasy blog = Fictional story. This is not an actual part of Necromancers Pride lore, but I think it would be cool if it were. The Connector is a temple […]

The Known Kingdoms: From humblest beginnings…

From humblest beginnings are the greatest ideas born. The first collections of rocks and mud, stacked atop each other to form rudimentary shelters thousands of years ago on the windswept plains of the Asian continent, have today given way to the might skyscrapers that ascend to the heavens like sentinels of concrete and steel. Just […]

Then Known Kingdoms: Aldara

Kingdom of Aldara Government: Monarchy Current Ruler: King Andriset Climate: Mild to alpine, Arctic in the northernmost regions Population: 2 Million Aldara is the undiscovered country. It is the wild north. It is the forested giant that looms large in the northwestern corner of the Known Kingdoms. The vast Nortgard Mountain Range demarks Aldara’s northern border like the spine of some […]

The Known Kingdoms: Canodria

Kingdom of Canodria Government: Monarchy Current Ruler: King Forlmorlaine Climate: Mild to alpine Population: 4 Million Canodria is one of the richest kingdoms in all the Known Kingdoms. Not only does Canodria boast extensive gold, silver and mineral mines, but its vast and differing climes give it claim to much natural beauty. The Burnt Mesas tower formidably in the southwest, while […]

The Known Kingdoms: Lyndria

Country of Lyndria Government: Indigenous – Clan system / Conquered – Empirical Martial Law Current Ruler: Therak’onian Warlord Nobility Climate: Arctic Population: 233,000 The frozen steppes of and barren tundra of Lyndria are home to a hardy, fierce and proud people. The Lyndrians pride themselves in being able to survive in some of the most extreme cold weather environments in […]