Then Known Kingdoms: Aldara

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Kingdom of Aldara

Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler: King Andriset

Climate: Mild to alpine, Arctic in the northernmost regions

Population: 2 Million

Aldara is the undiscovered country. It is the wild north. It is the forested giant that looms large in the northwestern corner of the Known Kingdoms. The vast Nortgard Mountain Range demarks Aldara’s northern border like the spine of some huge giant, stretching across the land. The Nortgard Mountains are an enormous expanse, covering hundreds and hundreds of miles in width and length. It is a savage territory, virtually unexplored. The native inhabitants, the fierce tribes that live deep within the Nortgard Mountains, prefer it this way.

There is no Known Kingdom with a forest expanse as vast as the mighty Nortgard Forest. Its dense territory is home to some of the most varied wildlife that exists on Tarune. It is no wonder that most of the timber supplied to the kingdoms comes from Aldara.

Though it is a huge geographical territory, the kingdom of Aldara has a relatively small population. Its wild recesses tempt the most adventurous souls, but tend to keep the less intrepid of the population at bay. As a result, it is a hardy breed of people who live in Aldara. That having been said, Aldara has a very large military in terms of percentage compared to population. They have a strong navy, and guard their expansive borders with a dogged tenacity.

The southern reaches of Aldara, from Lac Culith, across the capitol city of Longshire and extending to the Carod Mountains are beautiful and verdant lands filled with rivers, glens and dells. However, even these locales are wild in comparison with the more populated southern kingdoms.

The west of Aldara is home to Crag Drannon, the largest and most storied keep of the School of the Soul, the Necromancers. This giant fortress abounds in the isolation of the northwestern corner of the kingdom.

So, if the spirit of adventure, discovery and excitement moves you to action, make sure you visit the wild northland and spend some time in Aldara. It truly is a country undiscovered.

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