Jason’s Blog: Favorites! (Part III)

Favorite Scenes (Part III)

Heeeeeeeeelllllloooooooo Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the conclusion of my favorite scenes in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga. Today I am here to talk about my favorite scene in my favorite of the three books, Storm of Shadows!!

We knew Velladriana was a special character from Book 1, Quest for Elderstone, but she never really knew how special she was until these paranormal occurrences. Laycindial teaches Velladriana how to focus enough to leave her own corporeal being to travel through the mystical wonderland where the magics radiate everywhere, The Median. While in the Median, she learns from a spirit of her true destiny and what he must do to ensure the future of Tarune. Questions will arouse when you read the passages of her journey. Have the Oracles who seem to watch over the surrounding areas made it fate for Velladriana to encounter such events? The speculation continues…

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