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Jason’s Blog: Favorites! (Part III)

Favorite Scenes (Part III) Heeeeeeeeelllllloooooooo Everyone! Happy¬†Friday! Today is the conclusion of my favorite scenes in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga. Today I am here to talk about my favorite scene in my favorite of the three books, Storm of Shadows!! We knew Velladriana was a special character from Book 1, Quest for Elderstone, but she […]

Jason’s Blog: Personal Favorites

Favorite Scene: Necromancers’ Pride: Quest for Elderstone   ¬°Hola a todos Feliz Viernes! Hello everyone happy Friday! Today I’d like to do something different. Today, and for the next two weeks, I want to talk about my favorite scenes from the three Necromancers’ Pride books. Today, book 1, Quest for Elderstone! Normally when you say […]