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Favorite Scene: Necromancers’ Pride:
Quest for Elderstone


¡Hola a todos Feliz Viernes!

Hello everyone happy Friday!

Today I’d like to do something different. Today, and for the next two weeks, I want to talk about my favorite scenes from the three Necromancers’ Pride books. Today, book 1, Quest for Elderstone! Normally when you say favorite singular, it refers to one, today I have two!

“Dantin and Regar mirrored that surprise, both of whom looked in shock at the man who had suddenly appeared among them. Blood dripped down the wicked blade of his stout, black falchion. He was in armor as dark as midnight; his helm’s visor was shaped into the twisted skeletal face of death. His oblong shield, which came down to a point at its upper and lower tips, was very maneuverable. Sharp all the way around, the shield was employed as much for wide, slashing strokes as it was for defense. It was ridged and dark as the armor with a crown and thorn etched on its surface.” (205-206).

What an awesome description to introduce one of my favorite characters, Reese Pelingril. When I first read this paragraph of awesome, I remembered having the widest smile on my face knowing that another pivotal and badass character was introduced. To put to cherry on top of this sundae of writing, Reese risked his own life to save children he barely knew, thats an example of a leader. A leader who sacrifices himself for the greater good.

My second favorite scene is THE ENTIRETY OF CHAPTER ONE. Oh my goodness, this chapter set so much speculation for what is in the future for Corwyn, Wren, and Terridous. The beginning of an amazing adventure to escort the Pride. We learn details about our protagonists that define them and┬átheir characters. I already had so many questions about what is the Glass Tower, who started the mighty Osylns and who are the Lyndrinians? just to name a few. When Corwyn was- well, in case you don’t know, I don’t want to spoil anything!

What was your favorite part(s) of Quest for Elderstone? Please let me know, I’m very interested, in the comments!

Like I always say, see ya next week!

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