The Known Kingdoms: Therid

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Country of Therid

Government: Republic

Current Ruler: Grand Communal Council

Climate: Mild to arid

Population: 2.7 Million

Therid is the melting pot of all the Kingdoms. With common borders with Canodria, Aldara, Medioc and Daldra, Therid prides itself on having the most liberal and accepting stance of country in the Known Kingdoms. A Republic, Therid elects its leaders, opting for a national policy of total neutrality. Because of this stance, not have the Weavers historically held their main Guild house, or Theater, in the capitol city of Keldria, but the Oslyn have established their base of operations there, as well. The Glass Tower, the Oslyn training academy, is viewed by many as one of the wonders of the Known Kingdoms. As a recognized institution of lawful intent, the Oslyn base in the neutral country serves to define their role as protectors without favoritism to great effect. It is also of great benefit to Therid’s economy, as they needn’t fear raising a strong military, as they have one of the most powerful and well trained fighting forces housed within their borders.

Therid’s capitol city of Keldria is known for its architectural wonders and institutes of advanced learning. Neutrality brings bright ideas and non-conventional ways of thinking, all of which are respected in Therid. In the western portion of the country is the famous battlefield of Bronell’s Ridge, site of one of the largest terrestrial battles in any age. It was a result of the battle of Bronell’s Ridge that led to Therid’s stance of neutrality, thus creating a country of relative peace and prosperity. If you are a young Magus and want to visit a place where you can practice your magics in peace without the worry of oppression, or an inventor looking to create without being harassed by the less enlightened masses, then make Therid a stop on your travel itinerary. Come to Therid, home to all.

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