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The Known Kingdoms: Therid

Country of Therid Government: Republic Current Ruler: Grand Communal Council Climate: Mild to arid Population: 2.7 Million Therid is the melting pot of all the Kingdoms. With common borders with Canodria, Aldara, Medioc and Daldra, Therid prides itself on having the most liberal and accepting stance of country in the Known Kingdoms. A Republic, Therid elects its leaders, opting […]

Dandridin Tanithgil

Dandridin Tanithgil Height: 6’2″ Weight: 170 lbs. Birthplace: Whitelock, Sorilan Preferred Weapon: Staff of Resounding Force Preferred Spell: Blast of Emerald Sun Grand Magus Dandridin Tanithgil, First of the Court of the High King of Sorilan, Chancellor of the Free Realm, and Bearer of the Opal Torch is a Magus of great renown. Trained under […]