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Creatures of Tarune

In the realms of fantasy, there are many fantastic creatures. Some are benign, some are diabolic. Encounter one of the mystical beasts that inhabits the world of Tarune. You have met one in the pages of Necromancers’ Pride. Learn a bit more about the mystical griffox. How did you like your encounter? This is your community. Share with […]

Dandridin Tanithgil

Dandridin Tanithgil Height: 6’2″ Weight: 170 lbs. Birthplace: Whitelock, Sorilan Preferred Weapon: Staff of Resounding Force Preferred Spell: Blast of Emerald Sun Grand Magus Dandridin Tanithgil, First of the Court of the High King of Sorilan, Chancellor of the Free Realm, and Bearer of the Opal Torch is a Magus of great renown. Trained under […]