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Hey guys! I had an amazing time at Catalina Island last week, and instead of continue a post from 2 weeks ago (I know, that’s a long time! Sorry to keep you waiting!)

I want to pounce on my idea of a creature off the coast of the Talustrian Isles in Tarune.

Ready? Here it goes:

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of this material except for the story and characters not made up by © Necromancers’ Pride. It would be awesome if they were real, though.)

Name of Creature: Nelthottolk (pronounced: Nel-tho-tok)

Species: Malria
Size (USA, Earth measurements): adult grows to about 135 feet. About 45 foot width and height.

Notable characteristics: The Nelthottolk is known for it’s long, scaly body with a long, electric blue pectoral fin and dorsal fin.

Jaw: It’s jaw is largest of most Tarunian animals, spanning about 60 feet in height of estimation of it’s fully opened jaw. It has razor-sharp teeth, not poisonous. Diet: It’s diet consists of mostly meat, blubber, or anything it can stomach.

Behavior: It is often recalled to attack unwary animals/travelers wandering the beach by propelling itself out of the water, toward the victim. It opens it’s mouth wide to swallow it whole, and quickly moves to go back into the water. It slithers back into the water by backwards-sliding back in. They are blind, but ‘see’ with extra-ordinary sensors and hearing.

Additional information: Although it is a rare sight to see one, when you do, there is a 99.99% chance you will not live to see another day. But if you survive, you are guaranteed a lucky life. Only few survivors are recalled, like Diquiur Rodufreo, otherwise known as the “Luckiest Man Alive” are still around today.

Little else is known about this animal for there are few survivors. All other information is accounted because there has been only one body of the Nelthottolk found.


Yay! What a fearsome creature! It would be cool to be the luckiest person alive, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t want to see that thing up close!

Stay posted! *~*~*~*~Caiya*~*~*~*

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