The Known Kingdoms: Lyndria

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Country of Lyndria

Government: Indigenous – Clan system / Conquered – Empirical Martial Law

Current Ruler: Therak’onian Warlord Nobility

Climate: Arctic

Population: 233,000

The frozen steppes of and barren tundra of Lyndria are home to a hardy, fierce and proud people. The Lyndrians pride themselves in being able to survive in some of the most extreme cold weather environments in the Known Kingdoms. Located just below the Ring Of Ice, Lyndria is a land that is surprisingly full of life. The cold lakes and rivers are some of the richest in the world in terms of fish. The hardy rogue grass (which is not really grass, but a thick lichen-like plant) grows heavily on the rocks and tough ground of the tundra. An amazingly rich food source, it is the main component of the diets of the various herds of caribou, bandoo and other breeds of northern deer. Ranging in huge numbers, those herds are a primary food source for not only tundra predators like ice bears and frost maulers, but for the people of Lyndria, as well. The Lyndrian culture is primarily that of hunter-gatherers. The nomadic clans follow the migratory routes of the huge herds, hunting off of the abundance of animal life, fishing in the salmon rich waters and surviving off of the land.

Lyndria is also known for its deep mines of gold and precious stones. It is for that reason that most in the Known Kingdoms believe the powerful Therak’onian warlords sought to make it a part of their vast empire. Lyndria’s slight population has been cut down further due to the harsh rules governing family size enforced by the Therak’onians. In point of fact, Lyndria is considered by most to not even belong to the Known Kingdoms. The dreaded Great Rift separates most of it from the western kingdoms. However, there is a small expanse of land between the northernmost point of the Great Rift and the southernmost reaches of the mountain ranges surrounding the Ring of Ice that allows for access to Lyndria. Concerned with any retaliation from Therak’onia for entering one of their conquered territories, most people of the Known Kingdoms prefer to leave life east of the Great Rift, Lyndia included, to its own devices. The Rift makes for a natural barrier between the lands of the east and Known Kingdoms of the west, and that is fine for all involved. So, if braving chaffing winds, ferocious predators, powerful warlords and the darkness of the Great Rift is your idea of the perfect fishing getaway, make sure you give Lyndria a visit on your next stop in the Known Kingdoms.

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