The Known Kingdoms: From humblest beginnings…

Tarune full map

From humblest beginnings are the greatest ideas born. The first collections of rocks and mud, stacked atop each other to form rudimentary shelters thousands of years ago on the windswept plains of the Asian continent, have today given way to the might skyscrapers that ascend to the heavens like sentinels of concrete and steel.

Just as we people have built our physical world on planet Earth through millennia of discovery and toil, so too do writers and storytellers seek to build other worlds through much the same journeys of discovery. Trust me, the dangers and challenges can be equally as great. Will our world be complete? Will it be logically constructed? Does it make sense? Perhaps a greater question would be: will it be accepted by readers? Then, finally, the most pertinent question of all: will it be liked?

Those questions threaten the confidence of writers and hamper their ability to build worlds just as assuredly as harsh elements; starvation and predation have hampered the expansion of mankind across the globe. You might be thinking that they are not anywhere near the same in terms of scope or consequence. I wholeheartedly disagree. Those questions breed doubt, and make no mistake; doubt destroys worlds just as completely as the elements ever could. That destruction is even more complete. You see, when doubt takes hold, it stops the creative process before it even begins. There would be no worlds, real or imagined, if we doubted our huge dreams born of those humble beginnings.

It is in honor of that spirit of world building that I post the picture today. It is a rudimentary drawing of our very first map of the world of Tarune. D.W. and I are very proud of the world we are building, but before it could be fully realized, it had to be physically seen. We laughed at first as we worked on the map. We wondered if anyone would be able to picture what we were trying to create. We asked ourselves the same questions I posed above. We wrestled with the same insecurities and doubts. I more so than D.W., but he is one of those rare individuals that seems to be immune to the full effects of doubt. Doubt just makes him mad. I salute that strength in him.

In any case, having just concluded our tour across the Known Kingdoms of Necromancers’ Pride, I thought it apropos to show you what continues to be created from our humblest beginnings. Thank you for being a part of our adventure.

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