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Disorders: Níocolitys

DISCLAIMER: All content submitted to shieldofdestiny.com is my fictional interpretation of an event for article in the vast world of Necromancers’ Pride. These don’t actually exist, but wouldn’t be neat if it did?

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

This week, something out of the ordinary, the mysterious malady known as Níocolitys!

Níocolitys is a neuromuscular infirmity that attacks the nervous system directly. It is contracted by coming into prolonged direct contact with electromagnetic radiation emitted by Necromantic spell casting. Níocolitys fires miss-signals to the brain to contract a muscle in the body involuntarily, causing that part of the body to suddenly move with no reason. The body has to adapt in order to deal with these sudden movements, so it compensates by releasing the energy from the radiation into a tick-like motion of a body part. Healers in Tarune are working extensively to find a cure for this rare disease.

Healers have discovered two types of Níocolitys. Níocolitys Travel and Níocolitys Idle. Travel refers to complete exposure to the radiation. Electromagnetic waves of energy undulate through the body at such a high rate that they travel through the body swiftly in different areas causing different areas to tick. Idle is concentrated on a single location in the body that involuntarily moves. The radiation is so slight that it doesn’t move though the entire body, instead being endemic to a single body part. The Necromancers are pleased every time there is a new person with the disorder because of the radiation. Since electromagnetic waves are exerted in the ticking motion, those waves are emitted from the body. Necromantic Magi abuse the disorder as a feast for their constant magical absorption. They use these bodies in rituals and just to gain more power for paranormal communication. There is warning to those who have the disorder to call the local watchmen in their town if they notice or suspect any suspicious activity.

Healers have discovered that certain shale and limestone deposits found in the Carod Mountains of eastern Aldara may hold the cure to this painful and ultimately deadly maledy. The mineral deposits hold high levels of magical energy released from the core of Tarune that look promising in neutralizing the harmful effects of the Necromantic energy. The terrain of the Carod Mountains is rugged, the country is untamed The isolated locales of these specific deposits are difficult to access so progress is slow, but it is continuing. More research needs to be done, but Healers feel confident that a cure is on the horizon.

There you go! A darker topic, but hopefully one that got your brain thinking! Let me know what you think!

See ya next week everyone!!

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