The Constant Change


Pirate Witch Reading book with Lightstick

Change, it is the world’s only constant. It is not solely in this world, though, in which that statement is true. In worlds one builds, where the laws of physics and the rules of magic do not coincide with what our perception deems reality, change stills holds sway as the ever-present mitigating force.

Oftentimes we run from it. Oftentimes we try to fight it. Sometimes, those wisest of us, embrace it without the struggle. Change signals evolution. We are evolving. As beings, as individuals, as storytellers, we are constantly growing and expanding our bounds and reaches. That is a good thing, though not normally an easy thing. I do not think it is supposed to be. In this world, we change. In worlds of our own imaginings, the characters and locales that populate our imaginations change. How could they not? They are reflections and extensions of our very souls. It is the characters and their interactions with each other and their surroundings that truly intrigue us. Their relationships are what bring us back to the theater to see the next installment in the blockbuster movie franchise. They move us to pick up the next novel to dive back into the adventures awaiting our discovery on the next page. They keep us tuned in until the final episode of the season of our favorite show.Change is constant.

It is not easy being a slave. It is harder still to be told that you alone are the savior of a world cast to the very edge of war. It is not easy to leave your family and be thrust into a life of martial service. It is harder still to be called to a duty that you do not understand, or for which you do not feel you are truly prepared. To lose a loved on is difficult. To travel across unknown lands in search of them is harrowing to say the least. Having money, power and station is a comfort. Now, imagine being stripped of all that and having to fend for yourself with nothing but wits you barely needed to develop. Leaving all that you know to complete a mission for another is a task we all may think we are up to, but which so few of us actually are. Being willing to leave all that you know and defend someone who you know is greater than yourself is noble, but it is also frightening when the reality of the task settles in.

These are just some of the storylines at play in the world of Necromancers’ Pride. These are just some of the obstacles that our heroes must overcome. Facing the forces of darkness is hard enough. Facing the fear and doubt within your own heart…well, that is the truly difficult task.

Facing your fears changes you. It must. Leaving your home and all that you hold dear changes you. There is no alternative. Placing duty ahead of your own wants and desires changes you. There is no alternative.

Yes, the one constant in this world, in any world, is change. We want to read about that change in the people we follow, we want to see it in our heroes and villains. We want to feel better about the changes we constantly face in our own lives, mirrored in the plights and adventures of the characters that inhabit our fantasy worlds.

Embrace the change. Join us in the pages of Necromancers’ Pride?

What changes you? This is your community. Share with us.

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