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The Known Kingdoms: Canodria

Kingdom of Canodria Government: Monarchy Current Ruler: King Forlmorlaine Climate: Mild to alpine Population: 4 Million Canodria is one of the richest kingdoms in all the Known Kingdoms. Not only does Canodria boast extensive gold, silver and mineral mines, but its vast and differing climes give it claim to much natural beauty. The Burnt Mesas tower formidably in the southwest, while […]

The Known Kingdoms: Medioc

Kingdom of Medioc Government: Monarchy Current Ruler: King Tharster of the Mediocan Elite Climate: Four seasons, hot summers, mild winters, arid western climes, colder eastern reaches Population: 4 Million Medioc boast a powerful military, lush forests and powerful rivers. It also holds within its vast borders the southernmost reaches of the Great Rift. That is a fact that King […]