The Known Kingdoms: Medioc

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Kingdom of Medioc

Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler: King Tharster of the Mediocan Elite

Climate: Four seasons, hot summers, mild winters, arid western climes, colder eastern reaches

Population: 4 Million

Medioc boast a powerful military, lush forests and powerful rivers. It also holds within its vast borders the southernmost reaches of the Great Rift. That is a fact that King Tharster would rather not discuss. The Great Rift is a dangerous place. It’s darkness stretches into the Mediocan countryside. It is for that reason that the ruling family of the House Redlioc so long ago allowed the Necromancers to establish their easternmost stronghold, Crag Vestis, in its borders. It is an equitable arrangement for both parties. The Necromancers get the stability of a sovereign nation, while Medioc gets their presence as a controlling element against the darkness of the Great Rift.

Their strong navel presence monitors the comings and goings all along the beautiful seaside territories of Medioc’s southern coast. The powerful currents of the Bay of Winds and the dangerous waters of The Rift Waters create dynamic and uniquely differentiated climates and habitats in the southern waters. Medioc maintains a decent relationship Daldra, the country on their northern border. The problem lies with their western neighbor, the kingdom of Canodria. King Tharster feels that the lands claimed by Canodria are actually Mediocan, sighting the ancient Treldinian Maps as the true lines of demarcation. Tharster covets the Canodrian lands, and it is feared that his desire may lead to out and out war. If you find yourself in Medioc, take in the bucolic beauty, but beware the eastern reaches of the Great Rift, and whatever you do…never, never, never display any loyalty to the kingdom of Canodria.

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