Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride Crossword Fun

Fun in the (Not So) Sun with Necromancers’ Pride

Today, I went to the beach with some of my friends, since I am on Spring Break. I had a great amount of fun, experiencing tide pools, freezing-cold waters, murky waters, sun, rain, clouds, and a few dead animals (sea lion and a seagull).

It was amazing, getting a taste of summer in my free time, except the fact that it rained and I have to do homework soon; it reminded me of Crag Drannon with its huge, tumbling cliffs, murky water, cloudy skies, and the smell of death mixed with sea water.

Overall, it was a relaxing and fun experience, and despite that pretty much freezing ourselves in the water as the worst thing that happened (I always go in the water, even if it’s excruciatingly cold), I sure am happy we didn’t run into any evil Necromancers.

Now, for some fun, here’s a crossword puzzle of some words from Necromancers’ Pride!


Warning: Extremely fun and easy.

Until next time…stay posted!


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