The Known Kingdoms: Devgard

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Kingdom of Devgard

Government: Monarchy

Current Ruler: Queen Lacet of the House Lacet

Climate: Mild

Population: 1.5 Million

A favored vacation destination for all of the Known Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Devgard boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, vistas and views imaginable. Nestled in the mild climate between the harshness of the Aldaran winters and the severe heat of Canodrian summers, Devgard is a perfect amalgam of both worlds. Their chief stock and trade is the thriving flow of tourism that enriches the country. An easier destination to be reached than the Talustrian Isles – a fact the Devgardian Trade and Tourism Authority is all too quick to point out – Devgard is a favored destination of noble and commoner alike. Not to mention, Devgard produces some of the best wines and spirits made in the Known Kingdoms. The fabulous views are definitely made better by the excellent libations at hand.

Queen Lacet has done much to keep relations strong between Devgard and all her neighbors, thus insuring a continued flow of business. All is not as picturesque as it would seem, though. Raids along the costal communities by pirates and the like have forced Devgard to bolster its naval might. The capital city of Dalisport is an homage to Devgarder beauty and naval superiority, and is the largest port of harbor in all the kingdoms. Though a relatively small country, Devgard is home to one of the most powerful navies ever built. Its admirals have won battles in every sea, even braving the dread depths of the distant Rift Waters to sail Devgard’s banner high. If ever you find yourself travelling through the world of Necromancers’ Pride, make sure to make Devgard a stop on your itinerary, and find out why it is called, “The Jewel of the Western Coast.”

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