Jason’s Blog: Regarding Oslyn – Indispensable Peacemakers

Oslyn: Indispensable Peacemakers


Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

This week I’d like to talk about my favorite category of fighters and diplomats, the courageous Oslyn!

Oslyn are mystical fighters who attempt to keep peace in all the Known Kingdoms. They are taught at the mighty Glass Tower where they learn to use a special ability that acts as a sixth sense. Their Heart’s Eye. This is NOT Magi study. It is enhancing one’s spiritual ability to sense danger near by, along with heightening all senses and physical abilities until their utmost potential is reached. After several winters in the Glass Tower where they have spent all their time preparing, they embark on a journey. This year long adventure training outside the Glass Tower will determine their leadership, sacrifice of themselves, and maintaining the peace. A prime example is during the Canodria – Medoic conflict. Oslyn were sent out to have peaceful negotiations with King Forlmorlaine of Canodria and King Tharster of Medoic. So, during times of crisis, the Oslyn will always be there. All together, they’re kinda like the Jedi of Tarune ¬†haha.

So from last week, in contrast to the Vipers, the Oslyn are more peaceful and tend to negotiate better than the Vipers, the trained killers. Two different ideals, the killer and diplomat. But in the end, they come together. Corwyn and Reese solve the challenging issues that continuously endanger Velladriana, they come together and work it out. This shows that everyone can coexist despite nuances or extreme differences.

See ya next week!

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