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Thankful Week

Thanks to many amazing people and opportunities, I have this incredible life. The ups and the downs of our mortal coil are what define us. The ebb and flow of our existence allows for us to truly appreciate the times that are good, as well as to put into perspective the times that are not. […]

What is Flow?

Ever get caught in a rut? You know, that feeling you get when you know you should be moving along yet, sadly, you are mired in the muck of your own uncertainty. You see others moving with what seems like impossible or unattainable ease. You though, just cannot see to free yourself from whatever quagmire […]

How do we make ourselves better?

Happy Friday, everyone. Life comes at you in the most interesting and, often, unexpected of ways. As a warrior of some noble and exotic class,¬†you expect to be tested on the battlefield. As a magic-user, it is the enchantment of gaining mastery over some arcane spell that tantalizes the mind. Rouges carouse with street toughs […]

The Road of Life

As Easter approaches, I find myself reminiscing on the journey that has led me here. Life’s path takes many interesting and unexpected turns. Our travails are varied and wondrous experiences that – and here is the irony – we really don’t truly¬†appreciate until well after we have them. Now, blessed be the person who can […]