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Music to make FANTASY come alive!

Hey, everyone, Jason here. Yes I know what you are thinking, “Hey, today’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday.” Well, you’d be right. See, Charles and D.W. thought I deserved a break, so they let me take the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday off. Thanks guys. But I’m back…and with a brand new vlog that I think […]

Behind the Scenes: The Necromancers’ Pride Photo Shoot!

Well, Priders, the title┬ásays it all, and yet, I’m going to keep speaking. Go figure. We’ve got your behind-the-scenes pass to all the fun and action behind our first big photo shoot. We talk all the time about being there for our fellow Priders. What better way to be there for you than to show […]

Magazine Monday (Cade – model)

Tuesday is upon us. You know what that means…time for another Magazine Monday! Our cover model is none other than the superstar, Cade. He is rocking the white Symbol T-shirt from The Oracle Line, which, by the way, happens to be Laycindial’s favorite shirt. The wavy locks, the intense gaze, this kid’s the real deal. […]

Preview: Magazine Mondays

Whew! The launch has been a success and we are off and running. We have many miles ahead of us, but this journey is one we are excited to be taking. Now, I know what you are thinking, “This is Tuesday.” Well…you’d be right in that assessment. It is Tuesday, but starting next week, we […]