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MAKE your SPRING BREAK amazing!

Hey guys! So today I am going to write about the best ways to enjoy spring break. Necromancers’ Pride presents: A Caiya Post Critically Acclaimed “Meow.”-my cat “*glare*.”-my other cat: “How to Enjoy Spring Break”   Alright! Here are my suggestions to have the best spring break possible. 1. Don’t spend time on the internet […]

How’s the Weather?

Hey guys! Here in Cali, the weather has been crazy! It’s been sunny and summery, while in other places there have been blizzards! What are we doing to our earth?! Anyway, to Tarune. Here’s the weather forecast there.* *In Fahrenheit Crag Drannon: 17° Nortgard Mountains (base): -14° Nortgard Mountains (top): -54° Silverton (approx.): 23° Stellioc (approx.): 56° […]

Behind the Scenes: The Necromancers’ Pride Photo Shoot!

Well, Priders, the title says it all, and yet, I’m going to keep speaking. Go figure. We’ve got your behind-the-scenes pass to all the fun and action behind our first big photo shoot. We talk all the time about being there for our fellow Priders. What better way to be there for you than to show […]