How’s the Weather?

Hey guys!

Here in Cali, the weather has been crazy! It’s been sunny and summery, while in other places there have been blizzards! What are we doing to our earth?!

Anyway, to Tarune. Here’s the weather forecast there.*


*In Fahrenheit

Crag Drannon: 17°
Nortgard Mountains (base): -14°
Nortgard Mountains (top): -54°
Silverton (approx.): 23°
Stellioc (approx.): 56°
Vallen (approx.): 34°
Dalisport (approx.): 38°

So that’s it for today’s forecast. Tarune’s second moon is stopped today as it is a bimoon eclipse (one moon in front of the other) .

That’s it for now, guys!

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Caiya Carpenter

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