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BIG change is coming!

Hi. Do you remember last week when I made mention of big things on the horizon? Well, that foreshadowing was nothing to the possibilities that have most recently begun to weave themselves into reality. Change, as we all know, is the one guaranteed constant in our perception of the universe. As beings, we grow, we […]

Our place in the universe.

What’s up, Priders?! Jason here! Today I wanted to share a short essay as to what I think about the universe. I have recently been studying transcendentalism and this is my interpretation of the overall reflection and impact it has had on my life. Transcendentalism is a very inspiring mentality. It trains our minds and […]

Jason’s Blog: Where do you find your peace?

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today I’d like to talk about something peaceful, something majestic, and something glorious. Nature. Imagine yourself in a small clearing out in a thick and dense forest. The wildlife vibrates with energy that makes you feel like you are one with them. The branches on the big edifice-like trees stretch out […]

Magic is much more than just magic.

Good morning, Priders! I hope today finds you well. I was asked the other day why it was that D.W. and I chose to create the system of magic that we had. The person, a close friend and admittedly not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, was intrigued when we explained to him the […]