Magic is much more than just magic.


Good morning, Priders! I hope today finds you well.

I was asked the other day why it was that D.W. and I chose to create the system of magic that we had. The person, a close friend and admittedly not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, was intrigued when we explained to him the meaning of the Pride Symbol, but perplexed as to how it was created. The concept of Weavers blew him away entirely.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just make your world like others that already exist?” he asked. “After all, magic is magic, right?”


Magic is magic…wrong.


When you enter the world of Necromancers’ Pride, we want you to visit a fully realized realm, where unique creatures blend into well crafted environs and mesh seamlessly with varied and interesting cultures, people and rituals. Those rituals include a system of magic that is rich, diverse and original.

If you notice, I never once included anything about it being easy. Sure, D.W. and I could have used a more traditional template, but that would not have given us the world we now know as Tarune. The community of Priders really seems to appreciate the time we have taken to craft the history of the world and the magical system that fits there within.

Thus, the creation of our system of magic, or as we in the Necromancers’ Pride universe call it: The Strands of the Magics.

We did not take the easy way out, and we never wanted to be an imitation of anyone else’s world. That is the beauty of fantasy, when well crafted, we all can create unique worlds to visit and explore. That exploration leads to inspiration. Hopefully, that inspiration will spark a whole new generation to create worlds of their own, built on the foundation of what came before, but wholly unique and authentic unto themselves.

Suffice to say; I think our friend gained a healthy new respect for the genre and the work it takes to create within it. We honor our readers by not taking the easy approach, because, in the end, magic is much more than just magic.

What is your favorite component of worlds of fantasy?

This is your community, Priders. Share with us.

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