Jason’s Blog: The Butcher Part III: The Final Confrontation


The Butcher Part III: The Final Confrontation

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Lets not waste anytime! Here is the final part of The Nomad series.

DISCLAIMER: This is the final part of my fictional story. All content within the story is not actual lore in Necromancers’ Pride, but this is to add to an extended universe that I hope everyone enjoys.

The Butcher’s company of Vipers arrived at the coordinates they looted from the dead Nomads. They had arrived at a poorly constructed wooden bunker, with two horses tied to leads as raggedy people guided them inside.

“I don’t understand,” said the Butcher. “It is a beaten down shamble. I was expecting gangsters.”

“Wait! I see something!” exclaimed one of the Vipers.

To the left of the bunker there was a man on an armored horse and two other men on horses without armor. The man on the armored horse dismounted and looked around curiously.

“Hm. They should have been here already,” said the man.

The people who had previously entered the wooden bunker emerged in awe. They exchange terrified looks.” Who are you people?”

“The Nomads,” said the man.

The two other Nomads grabbed the two innocent people and tied them up to posts on the exterior of the house.

Off in the brush, the Vipers look on at what they saw in disgust.

“I’m going in,” said one Viper.

“Wait!” exclaimed the Butcher.

The Viper shoot up and charged one of the men. A crossbow bolt immediately shot him down.

“Not so fast,” said the man.

The Butcher and the other Vipers leaped into action, squaring off against the Nomads. They faced each other now evenly matched, three to three.

“Who are you?” bellowed the Butcher.

“Your worst nightmare, Dex, the leader of the Nomads,” said Dex.

“And why should we care?” asked the Butcher.

“Because it will be the last thing you’ll hear!” challenged Dex.

The fight engagd with fury! Dex and his Nomads clashed with the Butcher and his Vipers. The Butcher was a formidable foe to Dex, but Dex was prepared. Dex unsheathed an extra dagger and attacked the Butcher with dual wield weapons.

The Vipers and Nomads seem almost equally matched, which surprised the Butcher. Before the Butcher knew, it was he against Dex.  One on one the Nomads were slain and the Vipers injured on the ground agonized in pain. The Butcher knew what he had to do. Finish the fight.

As Dex came in for a over-head swing with his sword, the Butcher spun and took Dex’s back, skewering him with his falchion. Dex looked at the Butcher and with his final breath, he smiled.

“There are… still outlets that you… will be unable to… find,” said Dex weakly. “The Nomads will live on… with or without… me.”

Dex finally went still. The Butcher let go of Dex’s body and assisted the other Vipers in need. The Butcher untied the innocent people and they fleed the scene. He then took the horses that once belonged to the crime lord and rode off toward Morilan with the injured Vipers on the backs of his newly acquired horses. He knew this wasn’t the last of The Nomads…

Phew! A longer blog today, but that concludes the story of The Butcher and The Nomads. I hope you all enjoyed the tale!

I’ll see ya next week!!!

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