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Hey guys!
Today, I want to do something spectacular and extremely fun, and it’s so easy, anyone can do it! Characters!!! Based on real people.

But to make a character truly fit for a book, movie, ect., they must have an detailed past (for one person’s experiences may differ from another’s), a certain speaking pattern, and since this is an awesome fantasy/action genre: awesome moves, powers, or weapons. Of course an appearance, and most importantly (but many do not recognize it’s importance) an aura.

Now… On to the characters!

image1 (11)

Disclaimer: I wish that these characters would be real in the Necromancers’ Pride Universe, but as of now… I don’t think so. But maybe a certain author can make an except for one or two characters for a book (skeptical yet hopeful (and obnoxious) smile?).

Name: Jace Wilder
Nicknamed: The Shadow Summoner (Shadow)
Based off of: Jason H. (Fellow blogger on Necromancers’ Pride. (He has awesome posts!!!) ) Hometown: Unknown
Age: Looks to be about 16 winters, but few have seen him.

Magic/weapon: Can form creatures and weapons, black as night, from shadows, as real as anything. Can disappear into shadows and can delude other to fall into his shadow-like traps. Seen with black staff.

Evil/Good/Neutral: More neutral than anything, likes playing tricks, can work for a fee.

Creature: Immortal spirit (used to be as normal as anyone, but by mysterious circumstances, is like he is now.)

Appearance (if he wants to be seen): light brown hair, black shirt with long black jacket, black leather cuffs with silver buttons, black pants, black boots. Handsome, as immortal spirits go.

Backstory: Mostly classified, but: at 16 winters, young Jace made a bet with his friend and won an amulet, which belonged to a witch, and she believed Jace had stolen it. But Jace had tricks up his sleeve and tricked the witch to not lead him into a life of eternal damnation, but rather as an immortal spirit, who can manipulate shadows and become humanlike at will. He is cursed to live an immortal life, though not as bad as others, cursed to only interact and understand other immortal figures (ghosts, undead, spirits, ect.), though can occasionally interact with only the greatest Necromancer or Weaver.

This has been a long one so far, guys, and I hank this will be more than a one parter!

The reason I chose to write about a new few characters is over the weekend, I met with Jason and the authors of NP! It was awesome and fun, dear Priders, and we had a ton of fun!

Stay posted!


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