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Happy Thursday, Priders!. We have been hard at work in creating the future of Necromancers’ Pride. This past weekend, we got together with our brilliant contributing bloggers, Caiya and Jason, and did some fantastic things that we will be sharing with you very soon!

Today, though, I want to hail back to the past for just a bit. Tuesday, I spoke about a conversation I had with a friend regarding magic, most specifically, magic in the world of Necromancers’ Pride and how it differs from magic in other worlds.

Here, now, I want to recap that difference to add a bit more clarity to our world.

Strands of the Magics, The: The world of magic is a mysterious and complex place that is not only controlled by the energies of universe, but also by the rules of nature. There are four basic strands of magic in which the powers of both energy and nature can be channeled. These strands create the foundations for Necromancers, Oracles, Battle Magi and Healers, along with the sub schools that fall within each group of Magi. The Strand of the Transcendental, from which are spawned the Necromancers. The Strand of the Metaphysical, from which the Oracles hail. The Strand of Evocation, from which the Battle Magi develop. The Strand of Perception and Balance, from which the Healers originate. Since the apocalypse of the Mourning Night, all the Strands of the Magics have suffered greatly. Today, there are far fewer Magi in the Known Kingdoms than ever before in recorded history. As a result of the lowering of numbers, some Magi have now become extremely powerful, as there are fewer Magi to sap the magical energies from the environment and each other.

What do you think about the magic in our world, Priders?

This is your community. Share with us.

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