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Seabeasts: The Drygonel

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

I want to give a shout out to Caiya (my fellow blogger), for including me in her blog this week. I had the pleasure of meeting Caiya over the weekend, as well as the authors of Necromancers’ Pride, and we had a fantastic time!

Disclaimer: As with all of my content I submit to¬†shieldofdestiny.com, they are all fictional. They are to add to a fictional, extended universe, like Star Wars has its extended universe. Wouldn’t be neat if these things were to exist

Today we go down into the depths of the northern Stellid Ocean to learn about the ocean’s most feared creature, the Drygonel.

Imagine this, a large, part Dragon, part Serpent, lurking below in the deepest depths of the ocean hungrily searching for its next meal. There is only one of its kind, physically and spiritually. The Drygonel is a very territorial hunter. It slays aquatic animals and travelers the same way, opening its colossal jaw and snapping its prey in half. Its regular diet consists of mainly other fish or sea beasts; occasionally it snacks on humans.

In the core of this unique beast is an advanced aura that can sense magical patterns, disruptions, and other animal’s auras, thus this creature’s fantastic ability to hunt efficiently. Since the beast has this supernatural ability, the Drygonel can feel the magic disturbances and Necromantic rituals that take place in the distant Crag Drannon on the coast of Aldara. Many neophyte Necromancers have attempted to harness the power of the monster to assist them in total domination. All have failed. No matter how many corruption spells Necromancers use on the Drygonel, it repels the spells and eats its hopeless prey. The only magical group who has ever been able to at least communicate with this dangerous creature is the Weavers. With their melodic wind songs, the Weavers calm the beast from its exasperated state after its carnage of hunting to prevent chain attacks.

There has only been one instance of the Drygonel not being soothed by the melodic songs because of magical overstimulation. A Necromancer who traveled to the Talustrian Isles felt the beast’s presence and sought to control the Drygonel with an advanced corruption spell. The spell did not work, and as a result, the enraged Drygonel leapt from beneath the ocean and attacked the coast of the Talustrian Isles. There were a few dozen casualties, including the Necromancer, as the result of a disastrous event that could have been prevented.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check out the other blogs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for more Necromancers Pride! Thank you all and I’ll see ya next week!

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