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How do Necromancers celebrate the holidays?

Hey guys! So today we will jump right in and talk about the Holidays! Even if someone is not religious, it’s still fun to celebrate! That’s why, even on Tarune, they celebrate this time of year! In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, this time of celebration is called the Feasttide. Many cultures celebrate different things. […]

White HOT for Winter!

With Christmas just a few shopping days away, we want to add some sizzle and spice to the shopping list you are scrambling to complete. Our Oracle Line is here and is ready for mass consumption. As you can see from the picture, nothing fights off Old Man Winter’s chill like the hot gear our […]

Check out these MUST HAVE Black Friday deals!

Deals galore! Weapons and More! It is Tarunian Black Friday! Come and get your choice of the latest daggers, crossbows and more before the Necromancers come and scoop them all up. The prices are so hard to resist, even the undead are popping up to get in on the action. Just in time for the […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Wind Song

Spells: Wind Song Strand: None  School: Weavers Primary component minerals: Wind and the dradar Application: Communication The Wind Song is the mystical song sung by Weavers to communicate over thousands of miles across the Known Kingdoms, wherein they tap into the vocal and auditory energy emitted from the planet Tarune and harness it to their communicative needs. A Wind […]

………………. has gotten their copies!

With the celebration of Chanukah having begun last night and Christmas just ONE WEEK from today, now is the perfect time to give your family the gift of magic and adventure. CLICK HERE to get your copies of the first three installments of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Book 1: Quest for Elderstone, Book 2: […]